Freyeria putli

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Eastern grass jewel
Freyeria putli from Savan Durga.jpg
Scientific classification
F. putli
Binomial name
Freyeria putli
(Kollar 1844)[1]
  • Lycaena putli Kollar, [1844]
  • Chilades putli
  • Zizeeria putli
  • Freyeria trochilus putli

Freyeria putli, the eastern grass jewel or small grass jewel,[2] or oriental grass jewel[3] is a small butterfly found in Ceylon, India and Australia that belongs to the lycaenids or blues family.[2][4][5]


Frederic Moore (1880) gives a detailed description:

Male. Upperside violet-brown : hindwing with indistinct marginal pale-bordered black spots. Cilia cinereous-white. Underside cinereous-brown : forewing with a white-bordered brown discocellular spot, a transverse discal and a submarginal row of similar spots : hindwing with a white-bordered black costal spot, four transverse subbasal spots and one near base of abdominal margin ; a white-bordered brown discocellular spot and a transverse discal row of similar spots, a marginal row of six prominent black conical spots speckled with metallic-green, the outer one at each end less distinct, each bordered by ochreous-yellow and above by a double white lunular line. Female. Upperside similar, the marginal spots on hindwiag slightly bordered with ochreous ; markings of underside more distinct.

— Frederic Moore, The Lepidoptera of Ceylon. Vol. I[6]

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