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Sub-prefecture and town
Fria is located in Guinea
Location in Guinea
Coordinates: 10°27′N 13°32′W / 10.450°N 13.533°W / 10.450; -13.533
Country  Guinea
Region Kindia Region
Prefecture Fria Prefecture
Population (2008 est.)
 • Total 110,586

Fria is a town and Sub-prefecture in Lower Guinea, lying north of Conakry near the Amaria Dam on the Konkouré River. Population 110,586 (2008 est).[1]


There are some variations in the name of the town: Friguia, Kimbo or Kimbo-city. Fria is known for its local caves, the Grottes de Bogoro and the Grottes de Konkouré). The town's economy relies heavily upon bauxite mining and aluminum production. The town of Fria was built around a company called Kimbo-Fria, now ACG Fria (Aluminum Company of Guinea), Africa's first aluminum factory. ACG-Fria is the only operating alumina refinery in Guinea, producing 600,000 tonnes of alumina and 2.8 million tonnes of bauxite per year.

Recently, the president of Guinea, Lansana Conte, signed an agreement with RUSAL privatizing the bauxite and aluminum complex in Fria run by the Alumina Company of Guinea. This will allow for eventual doubling of the company's capacity.

The town is served by Fria Airport.


The bauxite mine is connected by a 1000mm gauge railway to the port of Conakry.

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Coordinates: 10°27′N 13°32′W / 10.450°N 13.533°W / 10.450; -13.533