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Friday Harbor Laboratories (FHL), is a marine biology field station of the University of Washington, located in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, United States. FHL was founded in 1904 by University of Washington Zoology Professor Trevor Kincaid. Friday Harbor Labs is well known for its short (5 week long), intensive summer classes offered to competitive graduate students from around the world in various fields of marine biology and other marine sciences, including Marine Algae, Marine Invertebrate Zoology, Comparative Invertebrate Embryology, Marine Conservation Biology, Functional Morphology and Ecology of Marine Fishes, Invertebrate Larval Ecology, Experimental and Field Approaches in Biology and Paleontology, and other current topics in marine science and oceanography. The autumn and spring academic terms include courses designed for advanced undergraduates as well as graduate students; most spring and fall classes run 10 weeks and feature an original research component. In addition to serving students, Friday Harbor Laboratories has a small resident scientific staff and offers year-round laboratory, library, and housing accommodations for visiting researchers and their families.

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