Friday the 13th motorcycle rally

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Friday the 13th Motorcycle Rally
GenreMotorcycle rally
FrequencyEvery Friday the 13th
Location(s)Port Dover, Ontario, Canada
Previous eventJuly 2018
Next eventSeptember 2019
AttendanceOver 100,000
Organised byPort Dover Board of Trade[1]

The Friday the 13th Motorcycle Rally is a motorcycle rally held every Friday the 13th[2] in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada since 1981.[3] Its typical summer attendance exceeds 100,000 bikers.[4]


The event has been described as "the biggest single-day motorcycle event in the world,"[5] a title also claimed by the Rolling Thunder rally in the United States.[6] Although hundreds of attendees arrive during winter months,[5][7][8] attendance is at its highest when the date falls on a summer day. In August 2010, the rally drew more than 150,000 attendees.[9] Estimates for the July 2012 event ranged from 90,000 to more than 170,000.[10][11][12][13]

Guinness World Record attempt[edit]

An attempt in 2008 to surpass the previous Guinness world record for the largest motorcycle parade failed due to a technicality. More than 10,000 motorcycles would have exceeded the record set in 2006 by the Republic of Texas Biker Rally.[14][15] Although the organizers were able to document participation by more than 12,000 motorcycles at Port Dover,[15] they entered through multiple portals to the city and were disqualified by Guinness as a single parade.[16]


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