Friderich Adolph Schleppegrell

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F. A. Schleppegrell at Isted

Friderich Adolph von Schleppegrell (28 June 1792 – 25 July 1850) was a Dano-Norwegian military officer.


He was born in Brunlanes. He became a military officer in 1807, and took part in the Gunboat War for Denmark-Norway. When Norway became independent of Denmark, only to enter a personal union with Sweden in November 1814, Schleppegrell changed his allegiance to Denmark.[1]

By 1848 he had been promoted to Major General. The same year, the First Schleswig War broke out. Schleppegrell excelled in the battles of Nybøl, Dybbøl and Fredericia, but fell on 25 July 1850 following the battle of Isted.[1] He was buried in Flensborg. The memorial Isted Lion is partly dedicated to Schleppegrell.


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