Friedberger Ach

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Friedberger Ach
Friedberger Ach bei Thierhaupten 1.jpg
The Friedberger Ach about 3.5 km before Thierhaupten
Location Bavaria,  Germany
Reference no. DE: 1312
Basin features
Main source near Penzing-Untermühlhausen
ca. 600 m
48°05′10″N 10°54′19″E / 48.08611°N 10.90528°E / 48.08611; 10.90528Coordinates: 48°05′10″N 10°54′19″E / 48.08611°N 10.90528°E / 48.08611; 10.90528
River mouth near Rennertshofen-Stepperg into the Danube
ca. 385 m
48°44′15″N 11°03′42″E / 48.7375°N 11.061528°E / 48.7375; 11.061528
Progression Danube → Black Sea
River system Danube
Physical characteristics
Length 92.48 km

The Friedberger Ach is a small river in Bavaria, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Danube. Its source is in the village Untermühlhausen, northeast of Landsberg am Lech. For most of its length it flows parallel to the river Lech at only a few km distance. Towns along the Friedberger Ach include Weil, Prittriching, Mering, Friedberg, Rehling, Thierhaupten and Rain. After Rain, the Friedberger Ach flows east, parallel to the Danube, and joins the Danube near Oberhausen.