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Friedemann Friese (2017)

Friedemann Friese (born June 5, 1970) is a German board game designer, currently residing and working in Bremen. His trademarks are his green-colored hair and games whose titles begin with the letter "F". The majority of his games, self-published by his company 2F-Spiele, also sport a green color scheme. He is known for his absurd and humour-themed games. Many of his games feature artwork from game artist Harald Lieske.

Games designed[edit]

  • America (with Ted Alspach) (Bezier Games) (2016)
  • 504 (Stronghold Games) (2015)
  • Fremde Federn (also known as Copycat) (2F-Spiele) (2012)
  • Freitag (also known as Friday) (2F-Spiele) (2011)
  • Funkenschlag: Fabrikmanager (Power Grid: Factory Manager) (2F-Spiele) (2009)
  • Die 3 Gebote (also known as The 3 Commandments) (with Gordon Lamont and Fraser Lamont) (Rio Grande Games, Bewitched) (2008)
  • Fauna (Huch & Friends) (2008)
  • Filou - Die Katze im Sack (also known as Felix: The Cat in the Sack) (2007)
  • Monstermaler (with Marcel-André Casasola Merkle & Andrea Meyer) (2F-Spiele, Bewitched Spiele, Casasola) (2006)
  • Fürchterliche Feinde (Formidable Foes) (2F-Spiele) (2006)
  • Fiji (2F-Spiele) (2006)
  • Fiese Freunde Fette Feten (with Marcel-André Casasola Merkle) (2F-Spiele) (2005)
  • Funkenschlag (2F-Spiele) (also known as Power Grid - Rio Grande Games) (2004)
  • Finstere Flure (Fearsome Floors) (2F-Spiele) (2003)
  • Fische Fluppen Frikadellen (2F-Spiele)
  • Falsche FuFFziger (2F-Spiele)
  • Flickwerk (2F-Spiele)
  • Foppen (2F-Spiele)
  • Friesematenten (2F-Spiele)
  • Frisch Fisch (2F-Spiele) (also known as Fresh Fish - Plenary Games)
  • Frisch Fleisch (2F-Spiele)
  • Fundstücke (2F-Spiele)
  • Ludoviel (with Hartmut Kommerell, Thorsten Gimmler, Andrea Meyer & Martina Hellmich) (Tagungshaus Drübberholz)
  • Paparazzo' (with Wolfgang Panning) (Abacus)
  • Schwarzarbeit (with Andrea Meyer) (Bewitched)
  • Wucherer (2F-Spiele) (also known as LandLord - Abacus / Rio Grande Games)

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