Friederike Kempner

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Friederike Kempner.

Friederike Kempner (25 June 1836 - 23 February 1904) was a German-Jewish poet.

Kempner was born in Opatów, Prussian Province of Posen (today Poland). Early in life, she developed an interest in general humanitarian questions and especially in hygiene, and urgently advocated the introduction of morgues and crematories, and the abolition of solitary confinement. Some years before her death she was stricken with blindness. She resided on her estate of "Friederikenhof" (now Gierczyce, Kępno County) near Reichthal (now Rychtal), where she wrote many works and died.

Literary works[edit]

  • Gedichte, 2d ed., Breslau, 1852 (frequently republished)
  • Novellen, 1861
  • Denkschrift über die Nothwendigkeit einer Gesetzlichen Einführung von Leichenhäusern), 1867 (republished five times)
  • Nettelbeck als Patriot und Kosmopolit, a novel, 1868
  • Berenice, 1860
  • Rudolf der Zweite, 1867
  • Antigonos, 1880


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