Friedrich August von Kaulbach

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Friedrich August von Kaulbach
Friedrich August Kaulbach (1850-1920) - Portrait of the actress Hanna Ralph (1885-1978).jpg
Portrait of the actress Hanna Ralph by Friedrich August von Kaulbach.
Born4 June 1850
Known forportraitist, historical scenes
Notable work
Spanish Dancer, Girl in the Woods, Girl with her dog

Friedrich August von Kaulbach (2 June 1850 in Hannover – 26 July 1920 in Munich, Germany) was a German portraitist and historical painter. He was the son of Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Kaulbach (1822–1903), the court painter at Hannover, and the great nephew of Wilhelm Kaulbach, another prominent member of the Kaulbach family of artists. He learned to paint from his father, and later was a student of August von Kreling at the Kunstgewerbeschule Nürnberg (Nuremberg school of arts and crafts), a predecessor institution of the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg. He sought to emulate the artist Hans Holbein.[1]

He married the famous violist Frida Scotta in 1897.[2]


  • Girl in the Woods
  • The Lute Player
  • German Lady of the 16th Century
  • Several portraits of Spanish dancer Rosario Guerrero

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