Friedrich Bidder

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Friedrich Bidder
Friedrich Bidder.jpg
Born 9 November 1810
Treppenhof, Livonia, Russian Empire, today Latvia
Died 22 August 1894(1894-08-22) (aged 83)
Dorpat, today Tartu, Estonia
Nationality Baltic German
Fields physiology and anatomy
Institutions University of Dorpat
Alma mater University of Dorpat
Doctoral students Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer

Georg Friedrich Karl Heinrich von Bidder (9 November 1810 – 22 August 1894) was a Baltic German physiologist and anatomist from what was then the Governorate of Livonia in the Russian Empire.

In 1834 he received his doctorate from the University of Dorpat, where he became a professor of anatomy (1842), and physiology and pathology (1843). He was a corresponding member (1857) and honorary member (1884) of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Sciences (today Russian Academy of Sciences). He was the president of the Naturalists' Society at the University of Dorpat from 1877 to 1890.

Bidder is primarily remembered for his studies of nutrition and gastric physiology. From 1847 to 1852 he performed physiological-chemical studies of digestive juices and metabolism with chemist Carl Ernst Heinrich Schmidt (1822-1894). He also conducted important investigations of the sympathetic nervous system with Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann (1801-1877) and of the spinal cord with Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer (1829-1902).

Bidder's name is associated with two anatomical structures:

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Preceded by
Eduard Haffner
Rector of University of Dorpat
Succeeded by
Hermann Guido von Samson-Himmelstjerna