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This article is about the late musicologist. For the former Wyoming Supreme Court justice, see Fred H. Blume.

Friedrich Blume (5 January 1893, in Schlüchtern, Hesse-Nassau – 22 November 1975, in Schlüchtern) was professor of Musicology in Kiel University from 1938-1958. He was a student in Munich, Berlin and Leipzig, and taught in the last two of these for some years before being called to the chair in Kiel. His early studies were on Lutheran church music, including several books on J.S. Bach, but broadened his interests considerably later. Among his prominent works were chief editor of the collected Praetorious edition, and he also edited the important Eulenburg scores of the major Mozart Piano Concertos. From 1949 he was involved in the planning and writing of Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Coincidentally he died within a few weeks of another prominent Mozart musicologist, Cuthbert Girdlestone, and was thus almost his exact contemporary.

Literary works[edit]

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