Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling

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Grave of Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling in Göttingen

Friedrich Gottlieb Bartling (December 9, 1798 – November 20, 1875) was a German botanist who was a native of Hanover.

He studied natural sciences at the University of Göttingen, and in 1818 took a botanical journey through Hungary and Croatia. In 1822 he became a lecturer at Göttingen, where he later became a professor. In 1837 he was appointed director of its botanical garden.[1]

The plant genus Bartlingia from the family Rubiaceae is named in his honor.[2]

Selected publications[edit]

  • De litoribus ac insulis maris Liburnici (1820).
  • Ordines naturales plantarum (1830).
  • Flora der österreichischen Küstenländer, (Flora of the Austrian coastal area), (1825).
  • Vegetabilia cellularia in Germania septentrionali praesertim in Hercynia et in agro Gottingensi lecta (1834 and 1836), with Georg Ernst Ludwig Hampe (1795–1880).


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