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Friedrich Order (Friedrichs-Orden)
De ster van de Frederiksorde van Wuerttemberg.jpg
Order Star
Awarded by The Kingdom of Württemberg
TypeMilitary order
EligibilityWürttemberg military officers and officers of allied states
Awarded forBravery and exceptionally meritorious deeds in combat
EstablishedJanuary 1, 1830
First awarded1830
Last awarded1918
3840px Ribbon bar of Friedrich Order.svg
Ribbon of the Order

The Friedrich Order (German: Friedrichs-Orden or Friedrichsorden) was an order of merit of the German Kingdom of Württemberg. It was instituted on 1 January 1830 by the second king of Württemberg, Wilhelm I in remembrance of his father, King Friedrich I.[1] In 1918, the end of the monarchy meant the abolition of the order.


The order was created with a single class, conferring nobility. On 3 January 1856, the Order was recreated with four classes were created and on 29 September 1870 a Knight Ist Class and a military division with swords were added (existing Knights were appointed Knights 1st Class). In 1892 the "Medal of the Order of Frederick" was added to the order.[2] An additional rank was created on 6 March 1899, the Grand Cross with Crown (or Crown of the Grand Cross).

The classes were:

Grand Cross with Crown
Grand Cross
Commander 1st Class
Commander 2nd Class
Knight Ist Class
Knight 2nd Class

The ribbon was skyblue.


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