Friedrich Siegmund Voigt

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Friedrich Siegmund Voigt
Born1 October 1781
Died10 December 1850 (1850-12-11) (aged 69)
Scientific career
FieldsZoology, Botany
Author abbrev. (botany)F.Voigt
Author abbrev. (zoology)Voigt
Grave in Jena

Friedrich Siegmund (Sigismund) Voigt (Voight) (1 October 1781 – 10 December 1850) was a German zoologist and botanist, with a special interest in spermatophytes. He taught at Jena, where he translated Georges Cuvier's Le Règne Animal (1817), and was the director of the Jena Botanical Gardens (from 1807 to 1850)[1] and the Museum of Zoology.

He proposed a classification of the animal kingdom with nine classes, based on body structure, such as those that are soft and gelatinous, those that are articulated and have an exoskeleton, and those that have an endoskeleton.



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