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Friedrich Otto Vogel (March 6, 1925, Berlin – August 5, 2006, Heidelberg) was a German human geneticist. Together with Arno Motulsky he established in 1964 the journal Human Genetics, of which he remained editor-in-chief for more than 25 years.[1] He was a member of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften.[2] In 1962, Vogel was named professor of human genetics and founding chair of the Institute of Anthropologie and Human Genetics at Heidelberg University.[3] Vogel became the leading German human geneticist and played a significant role in the rehabilitation of this field after the misuse of genetics by the Nazi regime (1932-1945).[4]

Selected works[edit]

  • Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Humangenetik. Berlin, Göttingen, Heidelberg 1961, ISBN 978-3-642-87295-2
  • with Walter Fuhrmann: Genetische Familienberatung. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York 1968, OCLC 613203061
  • with Arno Motulsky: Human Genetics - Problems and Approaches. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York 1979, ISBN 3-540-09459-8
  • with Peter Propping: Ist unser Schicksal mitgeboren?. Berlin 1981 ISBN 3-88680-012-1


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