Friedrich zu Limburg-Stirum

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Count Friedrich zu Limburg-Stirum

Friedrich Wilhelm Graf zu Limburg-Stirum (6 August 1835, The Hague – 27 October 1912) was a German diplomat and politician who served as acting Foreign Secretary and head of the Foreign Office from September 1880 to 25 June 1881. Having until then served as Deputy Secretary of State in the Foreign Office, he was appointed as Foreign Secretary after Chlodwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst resigned from this position. He was subsequently succeeded by Clemens Busch as acting Secretary.

He was a member of the Reichstag from 1898 to 1903. In 1904, he was given an honorary doctorate of law by the University of Wisconsin–Madison.


A member of the House of Limburg-Stirum, he was the son of Frederik Adrian of Limburg Stirum (1804–1874). In 1865, he married Paula von Meyerlinck (born 1844, died 1925), and they had issue:

  • Johanna (1866–1944); she married in 1887 Günther count von Tschirschky und Bögendorff (d.1914);
  • Theodora (1867–1953); she married in 1902 August count von Pückler (d.1937);
  • Friedrich (1871–1953); he married in 1907 Lucie von Lieres und Wilkau (1885–1909);
  • Richard (1874–1931); he married in 1914 Edith baroness von Bodenhausen (1888–1961);
  • Menno (1881–1953); he married in 1916 (divorced 1918) Hildegard Wertheim (1894–1919).

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