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For the EP by Grizzly Bear, see Friend (EP).
Greatest hits album by S.E.S.
Released November 21, 2002
Genre K-pop, dance
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment, Avex Asia
Producer Lee Soo-man
S.E.S. chronology
S.E.S. Remixed – Dal Ri Gi/Just a Feeling
Beautiful Songs

Friend is a greatest hits album released in 2002 by S.E.S.. It is S.E.S.'s last album to be released in South Korea before going inactive, and then officially disbanding in the following year. The album was also released in some parts of Asia, including the Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It contained one original song, the single "S.II.S (Soul To Soul)", but it was not promoted by the group.

The record has sold approximately 95,000 copies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Intro (Dear My Friend)
  2. 편지 (The Letter)
  3. S.II.S (Soul To Soul)
  4. Season In Love
  5. 샤랄라 -Remix-
  6. 너를 사랑해 (Lovin' You) -Remix-
  7. Love Game
  8. Happiness
  9. 꿈을 모아서 (Just In Love) -Remix-
  10. Choose My Life -Remix-
  11. S.II.S (Soul To Soul) -Instrumental-

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