Friend of My Youth

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First edition

Friend of My Youth is a book of short stories by Alice Munro, published by McClelland and Stewart in 1990. It won the 1990 Trillium Book Award.[1]


  • "Friend of My Youth"
  • "Five Points"
  • "Meneseteung"
  • "Hold Me Fast, Don't Let Me Pass"
  • "Oranges and Apples"
  • "Pictures of the Ice"
  • "Goodness and Mercy"
  • "Oh, What Avails"
  • "Differently"
  • "Wigtime"

Friend of My Youth[edit]

"Friend of My Youth," the title story, largely consists of a reminiscence of the narrator a family, particularly one sister, Flora, that her now-deceased mother boarded with before her marriage.

Five Points[edit]

"Five Points," the second story, is about a married woman, Brenda, in Ontario having an affair. Her boyfriend, Neil, tells her about a confectionery he frequented his youth in Victoria, British Columbia, and its owners.


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