Friend of the Night

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"Friend of the Night"
Mogwai friend of the night.jpg
Single by Mogwai
from the album Mr. Beast
Released30 January 2006
FormatCD, 7"
RecordedCastle of Doom Studios, Glasgow, Scotland
LabelPlay It Again Sam
Songwriter(s)Francis Barry Burns
Producer(s)Tony Doogan, John Cummings
Mogwai singles chronology
"My Father My King"
"Friend of the Night"
"Travel Is Dangerous"
Mr. Beast track listing
  1. "Auto Rock"
  2. "Glasgow Mega-Snake"
  3. "Acid Food"
  4. "Travel Is Dangerous"
  5. "Team Handed"
  6. "Friend of the Night"
  7. "Emergency Trap"
  8. "Folk Death 95"
  9. "I Chose Horses"
  10. "We're No Here"

"Friend of the Night" is a song by Glaswegian post-rock band, Mogwai from their 2006 album, Mr. Beast. It was released as a single on 30 January 2006, and became the first Mogwai single to reach the UK top 40 singles chart, peaking at #38.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks were written by Mogwai.

  1. "Friend of the Night" – 5:28
  2. "Fresh Crown" – 4:42
  3. "1% of Monster" – 3:46

Tracks one and three were mixed by Tony Doogan, while track two was mixed and produced by John Cummings.

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