Friends School (Japan)

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Coordinates: 35°38′46.16″N 139°44′30.45″E / 35.6461556°N 139.7417917°E / 35.6461556; 139.7417917

Friends School in Mita, Minato, Japan.

Friends School (普連土学園, Furendo Gakuen) is a women's junior and senior high school (7th - 12th grades), authorised by the Japanese Education Law, of Religious Society of Friends in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

In 1887, Women Evangelical Friends from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA founded it for the purpose of education for women on the advice of Uchimura Kanzō and Nitobe Inazō. The School is still the only Friends' educational organisation in Japan. Whilst all the pupils are not Friends, they receive education about Quakerism including about Inner light.

The School says that the name in Japanese means "universal connection with all global places". This is derived from an idea of Tsuda Sen, who was the father of Tsuda Umeko, the founder of Tsuda College.

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