Friendship Award (China)

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The People's Republic of China Friendship Award
Awarded forForeign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country's economic and social progress
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Presented byState Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
State Council of the People's Republic of China
Reward(s)Medal, certificate
First awarded1950; 74 years ago (1950)

The Chinese Government's Friendship Award (simplified Chinese: 中国政府友谊奖; traditional Chinese: 中國政府友誼獎; pinyin: Zhōngguó Zhèngfǔ Yǒuyì Jiǎng; lit. 'Chinese Government's Friendship Award') is the People's Republic of China's highest award for "foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country's economic and social progress".[1] The award was first established in 1950s, when it was awarded to experts from the former Soviet Union and East European countries by the then premier Zhou Enlai and the foreign minister Chen Yi.[2] On September 15, 1955, the Chinese government decreed that each departing Soviet expert be issued a medal.[3] This medal featured the flags of China and the Soviet Union along with the inscription "Long live the Sino-Soviet Friendship" (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zhōng–Sū Yǒuyì Wànsuì).[3] The friendship award was abolished with the Sino-Soviet split in the early 1960s. During the period that followed, in particular the Cultural Revolution, foreigners in China were often regarded as "spies" and very few remained in the country.[3]

After the reopening of China, a new Friendship Award was reintroduced in 1991.[4] Since then, the winners have been selected by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) under the State Council.[5] The award is conferred as part of the celebrations for the National Day of the People's Republic of China (October 1).[2] The award consist of a medal and an award certificate. The medal is decorated with a picture of the Great Wall on the obverse along with the inscription "Friendship Award" in Chinese ("友谊奖", on the top), and in English (on the bottom). Besides the national friendship award, various local foreign expert awards are also being made at the provincial, regional, and municipal levels.[2]

As of 2021, 1,799 foreigners have received the award.[6]


List of Recipients
Year Name Profession Field Country Institution Citation
1994 Paul Bouchard Civil Engineer Construction (cement plant) Canada Canada FLSmidth
1994 Horst Marschner Professor Germany Germany University of Hohenheim [7]
1995 Jane E. Josselyn Professor Translation United States United States Jilin University of Technology [8]
1998 William Lindesay OBE Conservationist Environment United Kingdom United Kingdom University of Liverpool [9]
1999 Albert Roman Musician Music Switzerland Switzerland [citation needed]
1999 Çetin Şengonca Professor Germany Germany Universität Bonn [10]
2001 Roger Mason Professor Geology United Kingdom United Kingdom China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) [11]
2003 Sebastian Zimmer Expert Germany Germany [citation needed]
2004 Erwin Reisch Economist Economics Germany Germany University of Hohenheim [12]
2004 Alan G. MacDiarmid Professor Chemistry United States United States University of Pennsylvania [4]
2004 Hans-Peter Liebig Researcher Agriculture Germany Germany University of Hohenheim [13]
2005 Michael A. Price Project Management Institute [citation needed]
2005 Kishō Kurokawa Architect Design Japan Japan University of Tokyo [citation needed]
2006 Sabriye Tenberken Tibetologist Sinology Germany Germany Braille Without Borders [citation needed]
2006 Peter Abplanalp Professor Business Switzerland Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland [14]
2007 Majid Samii Neurosurgeon Medicine Iran Iran University of Mainz [citation needed]
2007 Reinhart Kühne Professor Transportation Germany Germany [15]
2007 Robert Fontaine Physician Epidemiology United States United States [16]
2008 Werner Alpers Professor Germany Germany Universität Hamburg [17]
2008 L. Reh Professor Switzerland Switzerland ETH Zurich [18]
2008 John L. Thornton Professor Global Affairs United States United States Brookings Institution [19]
2008 Scott Rozelle Professor Economics United States United States Stanford University [20]
2009 Geert Roelens Businessman Belgium Belgium Bekaert [citation needed]
2009 Pedro Nueno Professor Spain Spain China Europe International Business School [21]
2009 Yevgeny Kaspersky Executive Information security Russia Russia Kaspersky Lab [22]
2009 Kirby Jefferson Executive Computing United States United States Intel [citation needed]
2010 Rolf Müller Professor Germany Germany Virginia Tech [23]
2010 Airaldo Piva Executive Industry Italy Italy Hengdian Group Europe [24]
2010 Christne O'Sullivan Executive Canada Canada SGMW [25]
2010 Dustin Wilson Sport Olympic Coach Canada Canada Chinese Ski Association [citation needed]
2011 Jeffrey S. Lehman Educator Education United States United States Cornell University [26]
2011 Thomas W. Kensler Professor United States United States University of Pittsburgh [citation needed]
2012 Hemmo Luijerink Executive Heavy Industry Netherlands The Netherlands Fuwa Heavy Industry [citation needed]
2012 Shin-ichi Kurokawa Professor Accelerator science Japan Japan KEK [27]
2012 Bikram S. Gill Director Agriculture United States United States Kansas State University [citation needed]
2012 Andreas DuBois Expert Renewable energy Germany Germany [28]
2012 Bertram Brenig Professor Molecular Biology Germany Germany Universität Göttingen [29]
2012 Colin Blakemore Professor Neuroscience United Kingdom United Kingdom University of Oxford [30]
2013 Daniel Cohen-Or Professor Computer science Israel Israel Tel Aviv University [citation needed]
2014 Branka Vucetic Electrical engineer Electrical engineering Australia Australia University of Sydney [citation needed]
2014 Pericle Predielis Expert Agriculture [citation needed]
2014 Edmund Phelps Economist United States United States Columbia University [citation needed]
2014 Ruedi Nützi Director Switzerland Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland [31]
2015 Gerardo Dutto Physicist Canada Canada TRIUMF [citation needed]
2015 Ravi Singh Researcher Agriculture India India International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center [32]
2016 David Andrew Phoenix Biochemist Biochemistry United Kingdom United Kingdom London South Bank University [citation needed]
2016 Wolfgang Kubin Sinologist Sinology Germany Germany University of Bonn [citation needed]
2016 Katharina Kohse-Hoinghause Material scientist Material science Germany Germany [citation needed]
2016 Peter Grünberg Physicist Physics Germany Germany Technische Universität Darmstadt [33]
2016 John M. Gray CBE Banker Finance United Kingdom United Kingdom HSBC [citation needed]
2016 John Hopcroft Computer scientist Computer Science United States United States Cornell University [citation needed]
2016 Anna Allabert Broadcaster Russia Russia [34]
2016 Okyay Kaynak Professor Turkey Turkey Boğaziçi University [citation needed]
2016 Fredmund Malik Economist Economics Switzerland Switzerland University of St. Gallen [35]
2017 Pierre J. Verlinden Chief Scientist Photovoltaics Australia Trina Solar [36]
2017 Pedro Antonio Valdes-Sosa Neuroscientist Cuba Cuba University of Electronic Science and Technology of China [37]
2017 Mike Wingfield Professor Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology South Africa University of Pretoria [38][39]
2018 Enrico Gennaro International Relations Expert International Cooperation Italy Italy Accademia di Agricoltura di Torino [40]
2019 Artem R. Oganov Crystallographer Crystallography Russia Russia Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology [citation needed]
2019 James Heckman Economist Economics United States United States University of Chicago [citation needed]
2019 Nils Christian Stenseth Biologist Biology Norway Norway University of Oslo [41]
2019 Bernard Bigot Physicist Physics France France ITER [citation needed]
2021 Hiria Ottino Anthropologist Anthropology French Polynesia Tahiti PCFA [citation needed]
2022 Roger Falconer Professor Water Engineering United Kingdom United Kingdom Cardiff University [42]
2024 Yuri Gledenov Professor Nuclear Physics Russia Russia Joint Institute for Nuclear Research [citation needed]


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