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Friendship Bridge - a non-profit organization based in Lakewood, Colorado implementing microcredit and educational projects to help poor women and their families in Vietnam and Guatemala. Established in 1990 by medical doctors Connie and Ted Ning [1] and based in the United States.

According to its statement, Friendship Bridge spent over $7,800,000 in loans to women and more than 21,000 scholarships for their children in Vietnam from 1994 to 2000 and in rural Guatemala since 1998.

The programs in Vietnam include:

  • Nursing Education - volunteers provide curriculum consultation, teaching in post-baccalaureate nursing courses, and supporting the masters program in nursing.
  • Urology Project - training local urologists.

The Guatemala projects are:

  • Microcredit Program - small microcredit loans to rural women.
  • Education for Women - training in business development, leadership training, and health messages.
  • Education for Children, including Children’s Education Scholarship Program.


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