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A black background. In the foreground, a man in a white suit with black lapels and black pocket flap, wearing a white top-hat and glasses with a thick circular frame plays an electric violin which is nestled under his left cheek. His face is covered by a layer of surgical bandages, with only a portion of his forehead exposed and a slit at the mouth. A yellow wire hangs from the top of the violin at his left shoulder.
Nash the Slash performing at the 2008 Friendship Festival in Fort Erie

The Friendship Festival is an annual celebration of the bond between Canada and the United States. This event is held in Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York, which are connected by the Peace Bridge. The festival began in 1987 and is held from June 29 to July 4. These dates encompass Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day (July 4). The festival also marks the nearly 200 year state of official peace between the two neighbors since the end of the War of 1812.

The festival features several free events including car shows, concerts with local and big name bands, a midway with rides, vendors, beer gardens, complimentary breakfast each morning, and exotic animal displays. Past performers include Theory of a Deadman in 2008 and Hedley in 2010. In 2012, in lieu of a big name band, Fort Erie's Festival opted to put on a concert series throughout the entire festival, featuring 27 bands from the Niagara and Buffalo areas.

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