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Friesens Corporation
TypePrivate (employee-owned)
FounderDavid W. Friesen
Area served
North America
Key people
Chad Friesen, president and chief executive officer
Curwin Friesen, chairman of the board
ProductsBooks, Yearbooks, Self-publishing, Consumer Packaging
RevenueCAD$96,000,000 (2019) Increase 10% from 2018
Number of employees
DivisionsFriesens Book Division, Friesens Yearbooks, Friesens Packaging, FriesenPress

Friesens Corporation is Canada's largest printer of hardcover books.[1] They are employee-owned, specializing in hardcover books and yearbooks, and located in Altona, Manitoba, Canada. Friesens also operates a self-publishing subsidiary named FriesenPress,[2] launched in 2009.[3]


Current operations[edit]

Friesens is Canada's largest printer of hardcover books.[1] Furthermore, it has been rated as one of Canada's best 50 managed companies by Deloitte and Touche on several occasions.[7] In 2018, Friesens was number 60 of the top 400 printing companies in the United States and Canada.[8]


On July 13th, 2009, Friesens Corporation launched a self-publishing subsidiary called FriesenPress.

FriesenPress offers editing, design, distribution, and promotional support services to assist authors with self-publishing their books. As of 2021, its team of over 55 employees and 100 freelancers have partnered with thousands of authors on self-publishing over 7,000 unique book titles.[3][9][10] It is the largest company of its kind in Canada.[11]

In March 2021, the company shifted its headquarters to Altona, Manitoba and became a fully remote organization.[9]



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