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A friggebod

A friggebod is in Sweden a small house that can be built without any planning permission on a land lot with a single-family or a duplex house. It is named after Birgit Friggebo, who was the Minister for Housing in 1979 when the new type of building was allowed. The word is a portmanteau of Friggebo and bod, the Swedish word for shed. Originally no more than 10 square metres, the maximum size was raised to 15 square metres in 2008. [1] The friggebod regulations also allow the building of a canopy and a wall of wood or brick to protect a patio. The buildings don't have to follow the zoning regulations, but they have to comply with the building code and they can't be built closer to a neighbour's land lot than 4.5 metres without that neighbour's permission. [2]


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