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Frijj logo.png
Type Milkshake
Manufacturer Müller Milk & Ingredients
Country of origin United Kingdom
Introduced 1993
Flavour Various

Frijj is a brand of milkshake sold mainly in the United Kingdom. Produced by Müller, it was first launched in 1993. Frijj is sold in five permanent flavours: strawberry, chocolate, banana, fudge brownie and cookie dough.

There have also been numerous limited edition flavours.[1] Since July 2003, some have featured characters from The Simpsons, in marketing campaigns. Other limited edition flavours include custard, caramel, raspberry doughnut, Jaffa Cake, banoffee pie, vanilla, white chocolate, chocolate mint, cookies and cream and irish coffee.

A thicker version of Frijj was launched in 1998 called 'Frijj Extreme', available in two flavours – white chocolate and milk chocolate. As of April 2018, Frijj had a 50% market share, the largest in the fresh flavoured milk market.[1] Since 27 December 2015, Frijj has been produced by Müller Milk & Ingredients following the sale by Dairy Crest of their milk business to Müller.


Frijj is usually sold in 400ml size, with Strawberry and Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavours also available in one litre bottles, known as the Grab & Go bottles.


Flavour Special Availability Note(s)
Chocolate 1993– Also available in Grab & Go bottles
Strawberry 1993– Also available in Grab & Go bottles
Banana 1998–
Chilla Vanilla July 1999–
Mount Caramel November 2000–
Chocolate Fudge Brownie 2003– Also available in Grab & Go bottles
Raspberry 2006–February 2007
Toffee Caramel March–September 2007
Chocolate Orange September 2007–October 2008
Chocolate Mint May 2008–?
Vanillaaaaarghh July 2008–July 2009
Cookie Dough April 2009–April 2010 / September 2013–
Caramel Cheer For the 2010 FIFA World Cup April–August 2010
Cookies & Cream Limited Edition July 2010–April 2012
Raspberry Jam Doughnut "The Incredible" Range August 2011–November 2012 Formerly known as the "Circus" range
Honeycomb Choc Swirl August 2011–
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Creamy Banoffee Pie
Caramel Latte May 2013– Not part of the "Circus" range
Vanilla Limited Edition September 2011–2014
Honeycomb Choc Swirl Supreme Range April 201– Re branded from the "Circus" range.
White Choc Raspberry Swirl Supreme Range April 2015–April 2016
Sticky Toffee Pudding Supreme Range April 2015–
Strawberry Cheesecake Supreme Range May 2016–
Loaded Choc Orange Limited Edition May 2016–
MmmMango & Passion Fruit 40% Less Sugar May 2016–
Choco-Hazelnut March 2017–
White Choco & Pistachio Limited Edition July 2017–
Irish Coffee Limited Edition October 2017–

Sponsorship and campaigns[edit]

Frijj is well known for its high profile sponsorship campaigns, the most famous of which was the association with television show Big Brother, the sponsorship lasted for one series during 2003.[2] Around the same time, Frijj was the main sponsor of ill fated dating show Elimidate hosted by ex Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona;[3] the sponsorship of the show ceased at the end of its run in 2003.

In 1993, Frijj was advertised on television, with a series of stop-motion animation adverts made by 3 Peach Animation, which featured bizarre cows,[4] including some dressed as po going punks. July 2008 marked the introduction of a new advertising campaign for Frijj, the first since 2005. This included a series of five viral videos produced by the advertising agency Grey London, which parodied 1950s horror film The Blob. Further to this, a number of adverts ran on the sides of buses and a limited edition bottle design was produced.[5]

In August 2009, it was revealed that Frijj were going to be the new sponsors of Soccer AM, a weekly football based programme produced by British Sky Broadcasting, after signing a £2 million sponsorship deal.[6] Frijj also sponsor Morden & District Sunday Football League team Epsom Downs FC.[7]

The 2011 "circus" flavours each had their own animal mascot appearing on the packaging; Magnus Monkee (monkey), Pablo Pooch (dog), Hugo Meeow (tiger), The Great Lazaro (rabbit) and Captain Roary (lion), animals commonly found in traditional circuses, to fit in with that range's theme.

Thorpe Park offer[edit]

For a short period in 2012, Frijj sold their milkshakes at normal prices in supermarkets, but with an offer to win great prizes, and to use the bottle as a free ticket to Thorpe Park. Those who bought the products in this time could enter a code on the bottle on the official Frijj website. The offer ended in the end of September 2012.


Liverpool City Council started a campaign against sugary drinks in May 2016. The campaign entitled “Is your child’s sweet tooth harming their health?”, names Lucozade as the worst offender, with 62 grammes of sugar in a 500ml bottle, followed by Coca-Cola. Frijj chocolate milkshake was the third most sugary drink identified with 50.8 grammes in a 471ml bottle. Posters will be displayed in doctors' surgeries and hospitals.[8]


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