Frijolero (song)

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Single by Molotov
from the album Dance and dense denso
Released 2003
Genre Rap rock
Length 4:11
Label Universal Music Latino
Writer(s) Micky Huidobro, Paco Ayala, Randy Ebright

"Frijolero" is a song from Molotov's 2003 record Dance and Dense Denso. Its lyrics comprise an exchange where characters trade racially loaded barbs at the Mexico–US border.[1] "Frijolero" is a facetious calque of "beaner", an insulting American English term for a Mexican; the American character is described as "pinche gringo puñetero" (roughly, "fucking gringo wanker").

The group won a Latin Grammy for the colorful rotoscoped video in the field of Best Short Form Music Video.

The song is featured in the soundtrack of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's movie Los Chidos, released in 2012.


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