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Frima Studio
IndustryVideo games, Animation
Headquarters395, rue Victor Revillon
Quebec City, Quebec
G1K 3M8
Key people
Philippe Bégin, Christian Daigle, Steve Couture
ProductsFATED, Chariot, Nun Attack,Nun Attack: Run & Gun, MaXi, Talent Not Included, A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks!
Number of employees

Frima Studio is a Canadian digital entertainment studio. Based in Quebec City, Quebec and founded in 2003.

They have been noted as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.[1]


Founded in the Quebec City in 2003 by Steve Couture, Philippe Bégin and Christian Daigle in the midst of the dotcom crash. Originally, the name Frima comes from the French word "frimas," which is the layer of frost that forms around windows during winter. This is due to the fact that the studio made its debut in the poorly-insulated apartment that the three founders shared.[2] It is from these premises that the production of Flash games for Hollywood brands such as Harry Potter and Looney Tunes allowed the business to develop.

In 2008, Frima acquired Humagade, a mobile game developer.[3]

In 2010, with the opening of a second studio in Matane, they counted some 265 full-time employees. Later that year, they became the beneficiary of a $2 million joint investment between the company and the Government of Quebec to fund employee training, the creation of 147 new jobs over the next three years, and the maintenance of 201 pre‐existing production‐oriented jobs.[4]


Original productions[edit]

Console games[edit]

Year Title Platform Description
2014 Chariot PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U A co-op platformer game about a princess, her fiance and a deceased king.
2013 Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge[5] PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita A real-time strategy game about zombie warfare.
2013 Nun Attack[6] PlayStation Vita A tactical action game about nuns blasting evil with guns.
2010 A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! PlayStation Portable A classic and simple space shooter game… for 2 bucks.
2010 Young Thor PlayStation Portable Action-adventure game starring Thor when he was a lad.
2010 Widgets Odyssey PlayStation Portable Sci-fi side-scrolling platformer.
2009 Zombie Tycoon PlayStation Portable Real-time strategy zombie game.

Virtual worlds and CMMOs[edit]

Year Title Platform Description
2007 GalaXseeds Web Free sci-fi online virtual world.

Social and web games[edit]

Year Title Platform Description
2010 Pocket God Web Facebook app based on the popular Bolt franchise for mobile, in association with Bolt.
2010 Rock Paper Sumo Web Facebook application based on the Rock-Paper-Scissors system.
2009 Big Brain Wolf PC, Mac Puzzle/point-and-click adventure game, in association with the NeuroActive Program.
2007 Widgets Odyssey Web Sci-fi side-scrolling platformer.
2007 Ciao Bella PC Romantic simulation game.
2007 Peter Flat's Inflatable Adventures PC Comical 3D platform game.

Smartphone games[edit]

Year Title Platform Description
2012 Nun Attack[7] iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android A tactical action game about nuns blasting evil with guns.
2011 A Space Shooter for Free! iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad A classic and simple space shooter game for free!
2009 GalaXseeds Tubershooter iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Casual shooter game linked with the GalaXseeds MMOG.

Development services[edit]

Virtual worlds and CMMOs[edit]

Year Title Client Platform Description
2011 Super Zapp! Les Éditions CEC Web Educational virtual world where children can learn through different mini-games.
2010 LeapWorld LeapFrog Web Virtual world for players between 4 and 6 years old.
2009 Littlest Pet Shop Online Electronic Arts/Hasbro Interactive Web The player has to manage a virtual pet shop with his/her friends.
2008 Tracksters 10Vox Entertainment Web Multiplayer online racing game
2008 Magi-Nation: Battle for the Moonlands Cookie Jar (Tribal Nova) Web Virtual world set in a medieval fantasy environment.
2007 Build-A-Bear Workshop Web Virtual world where the player can create his/her own customized character and play mini-games.
2007 NÉO Shifters Mega Brands Web Futuristic virtual world featuring multiplayer robot battles.

Social and web games[edit]

Year Title Client Platform Description
2010 DriverVille Doner Web Facebook app developed in association with Mazda featuring adventures and customizable items.
2009 Sara's Super Spa Deluxe Shockwave Web Strategic spa management game
2008 Nick Pals Nickelodeon Web Simulation game featuring different Nickelodeon pets.
2008 Go Diego Go! Nick Jr. Web Based on the TV show, an educational adventure game.
2007 Avatar Bobble Battles Nickelodeon/Nick Arcade PC, Web Casual real-time strategy game based on the TV franchise.

Console games[edit]

Year Title Client Platform Description
2015 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Capcom PlayStation Vita One of the Resident Evil installments features the horrific adventure of Claire Redfield and Barry Burton along with each's unique partner; main developer on Vita portion.
2010 Vector Tower Defense Fun Tank PSP Strategy game where the player defends Earth from alien invaders.
2009 Desktop Tower Defense THQ Nintendo DS Strategy game where player has to prevent invaders from crossing the screen.
2009 Brainpipe Hands-On Mobile Smartphone, PSN Simple arcade game focusing on eye-hand coordination.
2008 Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree Zoo Wii Party game featuring mini-games.
2008 Lola and Virginia V.2 Play Nintendo DS Mini-games themed around the popular TV show Lola and Virginia.
2007 Puppy Luv Spa and Resort Activision/Game Mill Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance Simulation game in which the player takes care of different pets.

Smartphone games[edit]

Year Title Client Platform Description
2010 Greatest Tank Battles Breakthrough Entertainment iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Real-time strategy game where the player controls a tank inspired by the TV show.
2010 Build-A-Bear Workshop App Build-A-Bear Workshop iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mobile app with features linking to Build-A-Bear Workshop and their virtual world.
2009 Monkey Kick-Off Miniclip iPhone, iPod Touch Kick the coconut as far as possible in this casual game.
2009 iBrain Fit Brain Center International iPhone, iPod Touch Scientifically-designed brain training through mini-games.
2009 Brainpipe Hands-On Mobile iPhone, iPod Touch Simple arcade game focusing on eye-hand coordination.
2009 Parade Carnaval de Québec iPhone, iPod Touch Strategy game where the player has to recreate the Carnaval de Québec's parade.
2008 Beijing 2008 Beijing 2008 iPhone, iPod Touch Mini-games based on the different Olympic events.
2008 America's Got Talent Player X iPhone, iPod Touch Game in which the player has to match moves to become America's next rising star.
2006 Deal or No Deal: Banker's Revenge Mobliss Mobile Casual game in which the player takes on the role of the Banker.
2005 Family Guy: Stewie 2.0 Airborne Entertainment Mobile Real-time strategy game based on the popular TV franchise.

Animation and special FX[edit]

Year Title Client Platform Description
2010 Qualinet Space Odyssey Qualinet TV Special effects realized for a TV ad for Qualinet, leader in cleaning and disaster response.
2008 Cranium Kabookii Ubisoft Wii Animated intro for Ubisoft's Cranium Kabookii.
2007 W Productions 10e ave TV Series of animated spots that aired for three seasons on the Télétoon network.


Molehill: Frima has been working with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which delivers the ability to create, texture and simultaneously animate hundreds of avatars without losing performance, as well as generate advanced special effects.[8] Frima was selected by Adobe as a Molehill pre-release partner.[9]

The SnowStorm Gaming Grid allows the creation of customizable social games and MMOGs.

The NorthStar Dashboard is a set of data tracking tools used to monitor key metrics linked to an online application.

The IceField 3D Engine allows the creation of in-browser 3D experiences using hardware acceleration.

The IceWave 2D Platform is used to easily and seamlessly deploy a project on multiple platforms.

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