Fringe-lipped worm-eel

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Fringe-lipped worm-eel
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Anguilliformes
Family: Ophichthidae
Genus: Schultzidia
Species: S. retropinnis
Binomial name
Schultzidia retropinnis
(Fowler, 1934)
  • Muraenichthys retropinnis Fowler, 1934

The Fringe-lipped worm-eel[2] (Schultzidia retropinnis) is an eel in the family Ophichthidae (worm/snake eels).[3] It was described by Henry Weed Fowler in 1934.[4] It is a marine, tropical eel which is known from the western central Pacific Ocean, including Taratara Island, Samar Island, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Solomon Island. It dwells at a maximum depth of 48 metres (157 ft), and inhabits benthic sand sediments in coral reefs. Males can reach a maximum total length of 11.5 centimetres (4.5 in).[3]


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