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Zamperla's giant discovery model, SpinSpider, at TusenFryd, Norway

The frisbee is a type of pendulum amusement ride featuring a circular gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth. Riders are seated on the gondola facing inward or outward depending on the model.

Design and operation[edit]

A pendulum is suspended between two support frames. Attached to the base of this pendulum is a circular gondola. Riders are seated in the gondola, facing either inwards or outwards. When the ride cycle starts, the gondola begins to rotate. In addition, the pendulum arm begins to swing through an arc, maxing out between 120° and 360° (full revolution). Most parks require riders to be at least 48 inches (120 cm) tall.


Manufacturer Model Riders Seating Swing Height Speed
Fabbri Group Boomerang 32 Inward 15 m (49 ft)
Space Jam 24 Inward 22 m (72 ft)
Top Swing 24-30 Outward 110° 24 m (79 ft) 31.4 mph 50 km/h
HUSS Park Attractions Frisbee 40 Either 180° 20 m (66 ft)
Frisbee XL 40 Outward 260° 36 m (118 ft)
Giant Frisbee 40-50 Outward 120° 43 m (141 ft) 68 mph (110 km/h)
Intamin Gyro Swing[1] 32-40 Outward 120° 25 m (82 ft) 47 mph (75 km/h)
Jiuhua Rides Super Pendulum[2] 54 Outward 220° 26 m (85 ft)
KMG Afterburner (a.k.a. Fireball)[3][4][better source needed] 24-32 Inward 240° 19.812 m (65.00 ft)
Freak Out 16 Inward 21 m (69 ft)
XXL 20 Inward 360° 40 m (130 ft)
Luna-Park Rides Extreme 20 Inward 120° 20 m (66 ft)
Mondial Revolution 40 Outward 120° 35 m (115 ft) 54mmp 88 km/h
Moser's Rides Sidewinder 24-40 Outward 240°
Sidewinder 12 12 Outward
SBF Visa Group Dance Party 40 Inward
Maxi Dance Party 24 Outward 240° 27 m (89 ft) 37mmp 59.2 km/h
Maxi Dance Party 360 24 Outward 360° 33 m
Technical Park Street Fighter 16 Inward 240° 18 m (59 ft)
Street Fighter Revolution 16 Inward 360° 21 m (69 ft)
Typhoon 16–30 Outward 240° 30 m (98 ft)
Typhoon 360 16–30 Outward 360° 33 m (108 ft)
Zamperla Discovery 20-30 Either 21 m (69 ft) 26,2mmp 43 km/h
Giant Discovery[5] 40 Outward 240° 44.8 m (147 ft) 68mmp 110 km/h
Mini Discovery 12 Outward 7.6 m (25 ft) 7,7mmp 12,3 km/h


The UltraMax is a type of amusement ride manufactured by Mondial which is like the HUSS Frisbee however passengers face outwards and are sitting one of the four seats on one of the six gondolas as the ride gets higher momentum and eventually starts going upside down. The ride is built with one arm with two supports and then the arm with the gondolas attached. It also uses the same harness as the ones used on the Top Scans.


One travelling Technical Park Street Fighter, Uses the name "Hard Rock" owned by Johnsons Amusements. One travelling Zamperla Discovery, uses the name "Nitro" owned by Show West.

  • Belgium - At least one Giant Frisbee. This operates under the name of Sledgehammer, at Bobbejaanland.
  • Brasil - Two Giant Fisbee. One is the SUPER FRISBEE, in NICOLÂNDIA CENTER PARK, Brasília, and the other is THUNDER, at MIRABILANDIA, Pernambuco.
  • Canada - At least five Frisbee rides, Psyclone, at Canada's Wonderland Ontario; Crazy Beach Party and The Beast, at Playland; "Titan" and "Manitou" at La Ronde in Montreal; and Sonic Twister at Galaxyland amusement park at the West Edmonton Mall (Removed in 2015).
  • Denmark - At least one Giant Frisbee. This operates under the name of Svend Singram, at BonBon-Land.
  • Egypt - At least one Giant Frisbee. This operates under the name of Discovery, at Dream Park.
  • Finland - One Frisbee between 2000-2005 and new discovery revolution (with 360°) by Zamperla called X at Särkänniemi amusement park and one Typhoon in Powerpark.
  • Germany - Frisbee Sidekick at Movie Park Germany, two mobile Frisbees Robrahn/Bremen (Prototype) and Goetzke/Munich
  • India - At least two Giant Frisbees. The first operates under the name of Scream Machine, at Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli, India. Second one operates under the name of Side Winder, at Adventure Island, Rohini, India.
  • Italy - Yukatan, by Technical Park at Cavallino Matto.
  • Japan - At least two Giant Frisbees at Fuji-Q Highland with the name Tondemina, and other at Nagashima Spa Land with the classic HUSS model.
  • Netherlands - Duinrell operates with the name of Mad Mill, Walibi Holland under the name Tomahawk and in Drievliet with the name Nautilus.
  • New Zealand - 1 Zamperla Discovery Revolution (with full 360 degrees) at Rainbow's End (Theme Park) operating as StratosFEAR
  • Norway - At least two, with one Giant Discovery at (Zamperla)operates with the name of SpinSpider at TusenFryd (operated since 2009). It is the largest of the Frisbee (ride) in the world; height 45 m, 115 km/t and 4,5 G. And second called, Vepsen at Kongeparken, a Fabbri Group Boomerang original Frisbee, operated since 2009.
  • Philippines - Star Frisbee, at Star City, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Poland - At least one, operating as Aztec Swing, at Energylandia, Zator, Poland
  • South Korea - Hurricane at Everland, YongIn (A normal HUSS Frisbee), Gyro Swing at Lotte World, Seoul, Tornado at Gyeongju World (a Zamperla Discovery with 24 seats), Free Swing at Tongdo Fantasia, Gyeongsangnam-do (A HUSS Frisbee with 34 feats that face outward)
  • Spain - At least two Frisbees. One operates under the name of La Máquina, at Parque de atracciones, Madrid, Spain. The second one is at Terra Mítica Park, in Alicante.
Celebrants at Octoberfest, some in traditional German dress


In May 2017, greasing material on a KMG Freak Out ride at Barry's Amusements at Portrush in Northern Ireland was dislodged, causing a loud bang and oil to spray over people and the nearby children's rollercoaster. Nobody was injured, but the ride remained closed for the rest of the day whilst park staff investigated.

In July 2017, an 18-year old was killed while riding a KMG Fireball (aka Afterburner) ride that malfunctioned at the Ohio State Fair, sending him flying more than 50 feet in the air. Seven others were injured as well.[6][7] Numerous fairs and exhibitions have either shut down or pulled the Fireball from their attractions in response to the incident. KMG stated that the malfunction was due to a corroded support beam.[8]


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