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Product typeConfectionery
OwnerPerfetti Van Melle

Frisk is the name of a line of breath mint candies produced by Frisk International and distributed worldwide by Perfetti Van Melle. Frisk mints are small, pellet-like mint candies contained in a metal cartridge.


Frisk was invented in 1986 by a Belgian entrepreneur who, in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, developed the formula for a particularly strong mint-flavoured candy. Initially, the product was sold exclusively in pharmacies in Belgium, then the market was extended to the Netherlands, Canada and Japan. Especially in the latter country, Frisk gained considerable success, to the point that in 1996 it became the first imported product to obtain recognition as the "Best Food Product of the Year" in Japan.[clarification needed] Since 1995, the brand has been distributed by Perfetti Van Melle. Nowadays, you can find it in your local supermarket or drugstore.[1]


  • Frisk Extra Strong: black packaging
  • Frisk Peppermint: blue packaging
  • Frisk CleanBreath: light blue (light turquoise) and white packaging
  • Frisk Euca Menthol: dark green packaging
  • Frisk Orange Mint: orange packaging
  • Frisk Salmiak Violet: violet (purple) packaging
  • Frisk Clorophyl: confezione celeste
  • Frisk Lime Mint: light green packaging
  • Frisk Sweet Mint: light blue packaging
  • Frisk metal box 5x: metallic packaging with larger candies
  • Frisk Berry Mint: pink packaging

In popular culture[edit]

In the Japanese television show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!, comedian Endō Shōzo performs a running gag during their "Absolutely Tasty" cooking segments, into which he adds Frisk candies, hoping to obtain a sponsorship with Frisk by using their product. Instead of enhancing the dishes he creates, it often leads to hilarious results.


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