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Frist Campus Center is a focal point of social life at Princeton University. The campus center is a combination of the former Palmer Physics Lab, and a modern addition completed in 2001. It was endowed with money from the fortune the Frist family has made in the private hospital business.

Designed by Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates, the firm of acclaimed architects Robert Venturi (a Princeton alumnus) and Denise Scott Brown, the building consists of a modern expansion to the existing Collegiate Gothic Palmer Hall. The new building volume fills in the courtyard of the previous C-shaped structure, and extends across its open side to create a new east facade. In 2008 and 2009 extensive renovations[1] were performed on the 100 level by James Bradberry Architects

Room 302 is a lecture hall restored to its condition at the time that Albert Einstein lectured there.

This building has also been used for external shots of the fictitious Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in the television series House.


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