Fritz Carlson

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Fritz Carlson
Born (1888-07-23)23 July 1888
Vimmerby, Sweden
Died 28 November 1952(1952-11-28) (aged 64)
Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Sweden
Fields Mathematics
Institutions University of Stockholm
Alma mater Uppsala University
Doctoral advisor Anders Wiman
Doctoral students Germund Dahlquist
Tord Ganelius
Hans Rådström

Fritz David Carlson (23 July 1888 – 28 November 1952) was a Swedish mathematician.[1] After the death of Torsten Carleman, he headed the Mittag-Leffler Institute.

Carlson's contributions to analysis include Carlson's theorem, the Polyá–Carlson theorem on rational functions, and Carlson's inequality

In number theory, his results include Carlson's theorem on Dirichlet series.

Hans Rådström, Germund Dahlquist, and Tord Ganelius were among his students.


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