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Fritz Lang was an Austrian film director, producer and screenwriter. In Lang's early career he worked primarily as a screenwriter, finishing film scripts in four to five days.[1] Lang went on to direct popular films of the silent era including Metropolis and one of the first important German sound films M.[2][3] Lang went on to direct some of the most important crime and film noir film of the American studio era, such as The Big Heat.[3] Lang's final film work was an acting role as himself in Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt. Lang returned to America to live out his remaining years.[2]


Year Film Functioned as Notes
Director Producer Writer Actor Role
1916 Die Peitsche Yes
1917 Die Hochzeit im Excentricclub Yes
Hilde Warren und der Tod Yes
1918 Lilith und Ly Yes
1919 Die Rache ist mein Yes
Halbblut Yes Yes Lost film
Bettler GmbH Yes
Master of Love Yes Yes Lost film
Wolkenbau und Flimmerstern Yes
Die Frau mit den Orchideen Yes
Totentanz Yes
The Plague of Florence Yes
The Spiders - Part 1: The Golden Sea Yes Yes
Harakiri Yes
1920 The Mistress of the World Yes
The Spiders - Part 2: The Diamond Ship Yes Yes
Das wandernde Bild Yes Yes
1921 The Indian Tomb Yes
Vier um die Frau Yes Yes
Destiny Yes Yes
1922 Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler - Part 1: The Great Gambler Yes Yes
Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler - Part 2: Inferno Yes Yes
1924 Die Nibelungen - Part 1: Siegfried Yes Yes
Die Nibelungen - Part 2: Kriemhild's Revenge Yes
1927 Metropolis Yes Yes
1928 Spies Yes Yes Yes
1929 Woman in the Moon Yes Yes Yes
1931 M Yes Yes
1933 The Testament of Dr. Mabuse Yes Yes
1934 Liliom Yes Yes
1936 Fury Yes Yes
1937 You Only Live Once Yes
1938 You and Me Yes Yes
1940 The Return of Frank James Yes
1941 Western Union Yes
Man Hunt Yes
1942 Moontide Yes
1943 Hangmen Also Die! Yes Yes Yes
1944 Ministry of Fear Yes
The Woman in the Window Yes
1945 Scarlet Street Yes Yes
1946 Cloak and Dagger Yes
1948 Secret Beyond the Door Yes Yes
1950 House by the River Yes
American Guerrilla in the Philippines Yes
1952 Rancho Notorious Yes
Clash by Night Yes
1953 The Blue Gardenia Yes
The Big Heat Yes
1954 Human Desire Yes
1955 Moonfleet Yes
1956 While the City Sleeps Yes
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Yes
1959 The Tiger of Eschnapur Yes Yes
The Indian Tomb Yes Yes
1960 The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse Yes Yes
1963 Contempt Yes Fritz Lang


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