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Fritz Ostermayer (born 1956 in Schattendorf/Burgenland), lives and works in Vienna as radio broadcaster ("Im Sumpf"/FM4),[1] author, DJ and musician.

Ostermayer compiled a CD about funeral marches: "Dead & Gone" (released by Trikont). His debut solo album, "Kitsch Concrète",[1] featuring his vocal in English and German, including a duet with Clara Ostermayer, was released via Mego in 2003.


  • "Gott ist ein Tod aus der Steckdose"
  • "Hermes Phettberg räumt seine Wohnung zam"
  • "Die Sumpfprotokolle" (together with Thomas Edlinger)
  • "Die Gutmenschenprotokolle" (together with Thomas Edlinger)
  • "Who shot Immanence" (together with Johannes Grenzfurthner and Thomas Edlinger)


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