Fritz Schramma

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Fritz Schramma
Fritz Schramma - KölnEngagiert 2007 (1).jpg
Fritz Schramma
Born Cologne
Occupation Politician, mayor of Cologne

Fritz Schramma (born 27 August 1947 in Cologne) is a German politician of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). He was mayor of Cologne from 2000 until 2009.


In 2000, Schramma (CDU) assumed office as mayor-in-chief along with Bernhard Wimmer (CDU), because the incumbent Harry Blum (CDU) died unexpectedly. In a runoff vote, he won election on 17 September 2000 against Anke Brunn (Social Democrats), who was nominated by her party only a short time ahead of the vote. The Social Democrats were heavily weakened by corruption scandals. Schramma's term in office was nine years instead of the usual five: he first completed the term of his predecessor Blum until 2004, and then he served his own term as a result of winning the runoff in 2000.

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