Fritz Wedel Jarlsberg

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Baron Fritz Wedel Jarlsberg.

Baron Frederik (Fritz) Hartvig Herman Wedel Jarlsberg (born 7 July 1855 in Oslo, died 27 July 1942 in Lisbon) was a Norwegian aristocrat, jurist and diplomat. He maintained the title of baron in Denmark, which had not abolished nobility titles following the separation of Denmark-Norway. Earlier in Norway, his family was officially recognised as barons. He was active in Norwegian-Swedish diplomacy and played a central role in the 1905 dissolution of the union between these countries. He was offered the post as minister of foreign affairs three times.


Baron Wedel Jarlsberg was the son of Frederik (Fritz) Joachim Wedel Jarlsberg and Juliane Cathrine Wilhelmine Wedel Jarlsberg. He was in 1883 married with Alice Thekla Louise von Wagner (1861–1913), and in 1916 with Baroness Mary von André, née Palmer (1859–1941).


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