Fritz von Dardel

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Fritz von Dardel
Adjutant Daniel Nordlander (upper left), with Adjutant Fritz von Dardel, Ordonnance Officer Ferdinand-Alphonse Hamelin, General Henri-Pierre Castelnau, King Charles XV of Sweden and Prince Oscar, future King Oscar II of Sweden, at the International Exposition (1867) in Paris, France.

Fritz Ludvig von Dardel (1817 - 1901) was a Swedish artist.


Fritz von Dardel was born to the Swiss noble Georges-Alexandre von Dardel, who was inducted into the Swedish nobility in 1810, and the Swedish noble Hedvig Sofia Charlotta Amalia Lewenhaupt, and married the Swedish noble Augusta Silfverschiöld. He became adjutant to the Crown Prince, later King Charles XV of Sweden, in 1850.

Fritz von Dardel is known for his drawings and his diary depicting the life at the contemporary Swedish royal court, especially during the reign of Charles XV.

He became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts in 1861.