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2006 party logo

Friuli Movement (Moviment Furlan, Movimento Friuli, MF) is a regionalist political party active in Friuli, Italy since 1966.

The party is currently active, but has lost importance. Most of its former members, notably including Roberto Visentin, Pietro Fontanini and Sergio Cecotti, left to form Lega Nord Friuli, since 1990.


In 1966 a group of Friulian nationalists led by Gino di Caporiacco, Fausto Schiavi and Corrrado Cecotti, with the convinced support of part of the Catholic clergy, launched the Friuli Movement.[1]

The party was represented in the Regional Council of Friuli-Venezia Giulia from 1968 to 1993 and, again, from 1998 to 2003. Its best electoral result was in the 1968 regional election, when it won 5.1% of the vote and three regional deputies. In the 1980s the party suffered a decline in term of votes and it was later replaced by Lega Nord Friuli, which was much more successful.[2]

In the 2003 regional election the party supported the candidacy of Alessandra Guerra (Lega Nord, formerly a member of MF too) for President, while five years later it gave its support to the centre-left incumbent President Riccardo Illy. In both cases the candidate supported by the MF was defeated.

Currently the party has almost no political organization. Since 2003 it has been conducted by Marco De Agostini (secretary), Adriano Ceschia (president) and Alberto di Caporiacco (spokesperson), but in 2008 the latter, who supported an alliance with the centre-right, left the party.

Roberto Visentin, who left in 1990 to form Lega Nord Friuli,[3] has since returned to the party.[4]


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