Froebel College

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Froebel College
University of Roehampton
LocationRoehampton, London, England
Named forFriedrich Fröbel

Froebel College is one of the four constituent colleges of the University of Roehampton.


The college was founded as a women's teacher training college in 1892 by followers of Friedrich Fröbel. The Froebel Society had been formed in 1874 and in 1892 Julia Salis Schwabe led an initiative to found a college for training teachers. It was imperative that the trainee teachers should be allowed to practice whilst they were learning so a school/kindergarten was established in parallel.[1] The college became coeducational in 1965.[2]

In 1975, the college became part of the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, which became Roehampton University in 2004.

People associated with the college[edit]

Notable alumna[edit]

Notable alumnae of the kindergarten[edit]


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