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A frog is a member of a diverse group of amphibians composing the order Anura.

Frog or frogs may also refer to:

Businesses and organizations[edit]


  • Frog Fagan (1940–1993), NASCAR Winston Cup driver
  • Frog Pocket, recording name of John Charles Wilson, a Scottish musician
  • Frog Redus (1905–1979), American baseball infielder in the Negro Leagues
  • The Frog, Canadian professional wrestler from All Star Wrestling

Media and entertainment[edit]



Fictional characters[edit]


Film and television[edit]

  • Frogs (film), 1972 horror film directed by George McCowan
  • Frog (film), 1987 television film starring Shelley Duvall and Elliott Gould
  • F.R.O.G., TV series which aired on TVOntario in the early 1990s, starring Lani Billard
  • The Frog, 1937 film starring Noah Beery, Jack Hawkins and Gordon Harker
  • "Frogs", episode of the television series Teletubbies

Science and technology[edit]


  • Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG), flame resistant clothing developed for the United States Marine Corps
  • FROG-3 and FROG-5, NATO reporting name for the Soviet short-range artillery rocket system 2K6 Luna
  • FROG-7, NATO reporting name for the Soviet short-range artillery rocket system 9K52 Luna-M
  • Matilda Frog, an Australian flamethrower variant of the British WW2 Matilda II tank



  • Fuente de las Ranas (Fountain of the Frogs), a modernisme fountain in Albacete, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

Textiles and garments[edit]


  • The point where two rails cross in a railroad switch
    • frog war--conflict between two railway companies owning the tracks intersecting at a frog
  • Rerail frog, a ramp device used to put a derailed piece of rolling stock back onto the railway track; see Glossary of rail terminology

Tool parts[edit]

  • Indentation in a brick
  • Part of a mouldboard plough
  • Part of a plane (tool)
  • Part of a sheath or scabbard for an edged tool or weapon, used to hang the sheath vertically from a belt

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