Frog and Wombat

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Frog and Wombat is a 1998 independent children's film written and directed by Laurie Agard, about two 12-year-old girls who investigate a murder in their hometown, which they believe was committed by the middle school principal. Their investigations become more and more involved, to the point where they sneak into the principal's car and hide in it to reach his house. As the two get closer to discovering the truth, the principal kidnaps one of the girls. But before the principal can take Jane to a mental hospital while outrunning Allison in a golf cart, she bashes his car and causes it to collide with a tree by coming to her rescue. The principal is arrested and taken to the police station by the police officers and imprisoned in a county jail for kidnapping one of the girls.

The title derives from the nicknames the girls use over a walkie-talkie, as they refer to themselves and each other as "Frog" and "Wombat".

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