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Froglife is a British wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and their associated habitats. The charity aims to encourage as many people as possible, from all walks of life, to get involved in wildlife conservation and habitat protection.


The current objectives of Froglife are outlined in the 2009/10 Annual Review:

Conservation objectives[edit]

To conserve species and habitats

  1. We will support and implement the creation of habitats for amphibians and reptiles
  2. We will deliver Biodiversity Action Plan outputs at a local and landscape level, working with volunteers and partners
  3. We will build capacity for individuals and organisations involved in the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, working in partnerships, providing training courses and specialist advice

Communication objectives[edit]

To communicate knowledge and encourage support

  1. We will get our message out to audiences by ensuring that opportunities to engage with our intended audiences are met, through events, online, through the media and through the production of advice publications
  2. We will generate support for our work by creating opportunities for audiences to engage in our work, through practical hands on action, "citizen-science" recording projects, or through financial support of Froglife's work.
  3. We will show the value that our projects bring by communicating clearly the outcomes of our work, and how these tackle threats to amphibians and reptiles and benefit people's lives in the process.

Learning objectives[edit]

To educate and inspire new audiences

  1. We will support people on a lifelong journey of learning about our species, their habitats and the value of biodiversity to human life
  2. We will create new and unique approaches that complement current approaches to conservation education, building on lessons learnt within the sector
  3. We will move forward the education sector, improving policies, skills and resources to support new approaches to conservation education.

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