Frogmore Mound Site

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Frogmore Mound Site
(16 CO 9)
Frogmore Mound Site HRoe 2011 01.jpg
Frogmore Mound as viewed from US 84
Frogmore Mound Site(16 CO 9) is located in Louisiana
Frogmore Mound Site(16 CO 9)
Frogmore Mound Site
(16 CO 9)
Location within Louisiana today
Coordinates 31°36′16.4″N 91°40′15.8″W / 31.604556°N 91.671056°W / 31.604556; -91.671056
Country  USA
Region Concordia Parish, Louisiana
Nearest town Ferriday, Louisiana
Culture Late Coles Creek culture
First occupied 1020 CE
Abandoned 1260
Excavation and maintenance
Responsible body Private
Architectural styles earthwork
Number of temples 1
Number of monuments
Frogmore (16CO9)
Nearest city Frogmore, Louisiana
Governing body Private
NRHP Reference # 04000740[1]
Added to NRHP July 28, 2004

Frogmore Mound Site (16 CO 9) is an archaeological site of the Late Coles Creek culture in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. It was added to the NRHP on July 28, 2004 as NRIS number 04000740.[2]


The site consists of a platform mound and associated village area with middens covering an area roughly 400 feet (120 m) by 200 feet (61 m). The site originally had a walled ceremonial structure 20 feet (6.1 m) to 30 feet (9.1 m) in diameter. This structure was burned and subsequently covered with dirt. A mound, constructed in two stages very near each other chronologically, was built over top of the structure. The rectangular mound now measures 14 feet (4.3 m) in height, with the base being 160 feet (49 m) by 190 feet (58 m), and the summit 60 feet (18 m) by 70 feet (21 m).[3] Excavations at the site have produced charcoal from beneath the mound which dates to 1020–1260 CE, and pottery recovered from the midden places the occupation of the site to the Late Coles Creek period.[3]


The site is located 7.4 miles (11.9 km) west of Ferriday on US 84 just 0.4 miles (0.64 km) past its junction with La 566.[3]

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