Frogner Line

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Frogner Line
Kirkeveien from Frogner plass
Native name Frognerlinjen
Type Tramway
System Oslo Tramway
Locale Oslo, Norway
Termini Solli plass
Services 12 
Opened 1902
Owner Kollektivtransportproduksjon
Operator(s) Oslo Sporvognsdrift
Rolling stock SL79
Number of tracks Double
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification 750 V DC
Operating speed 50 kilometres per hour (31 mph)
Route map
Majorstuen DepotGardeveien
Oslo Tramway MuseumHarald Hårfagres gate
Briskeby Line from city center
T-bane 1 icon.png T-bane 2 icon.png T-bane 3 icon.png T-bane 4 icon.png T-bane 5 icon.png T-bane 6 icon.png1914
Briskeby Line to city center
Frogner stadion
Frogner plass1902
Lille Frogner allé
Niels Juels gate
Skøyen Line from Skøyen
Vika Line to Aker Brygge
Skøyen Line to city center

The Frogner Line (Norwegian: Frognerlinjen) is a section of the Oslo Tramway which runs between Solli and Majorstuen, serving the neighborhood of Frogner. The line is served by tram number 12, and the Frogner section makes up the westernmost part of this line. From Solli to Frogner, the line runs northwestwards to Frognerveien, then turns northeast along Kirkeveien, along the Frogner Park, including a stop at the main gate to the Vigeland sculpture installation, before ending at Majorstuen where it connects with the Homansbyen Line and Briskeby Line.[1]

The southern part of the line was opened in 1902 to Frogner. The extension between Frogner and Majorstuen was opened in 1914 in connection with the 1914 Jubilee Exhibition at Frogner.[2]

The balloon loop at Frogner was removed[3] since it caused the intersection to become rather cluttered, although the tram company had expressed a desire to keep the loop.[4] The line underwent major upgrades in 2005 although a mistake with the track elevation jeopardized scheduled reopening.[5]


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Frogner plass