Frogville Records

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Frogville Records
Parent company Independent
Founded 2003
Founder Nathan Moore
John Treadwell
Distributor(s) Frogville Records
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Santa Fe, New Mexico
Official website

Frogville Records is an American independent record label, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The label features bands and artists from New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Virginia, Kentucky and Montreal as well as several significant artists in the jam band circuit, such as ThaMuseMeant, Taarka, and Surprise Me Mr. Davis, as well as unique rock and blues acts like Goshen and Hundred Year Flood, bluegrass bands Furnace Mountain and the Santa Fe All Stars and country legend Bill Hearne of Bill and Bonnie Hearne fame on the folk and country circuit.


Broomdust Caravan in 2014
  • Broomdust Caravan
  • Goshen
  • Nathan Moore
  • Boris McCutcheon and the Salt Licks
  • Bill Hearne
  • Bill Hearne's Roadhouse Revue
  • Cameron Wade
  • Surprise Me Mr. Davis
  • Furnace Mountain w/ Aimee Curl
  • Taarka
  • Santa Fe All Stars
  • Sharon Gilchrist
  • Seth & Jacob
  • Blind James
  • Percy Boyd
  • Xoe Fitzgerald
  • Max Pelta

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