Frohes Fest

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Frohes Fest
Studio album by Unheilig
Released 2002 (2002)
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
  • 68:26 (Frohes Fest disc)
  • 31:30 (Tannenbaum disc)
Language German
Label Four Rock Entertainment
Producer Der Graf
Unheilig chronology
Frohes Fest
Das 2. Gebot
Alternative cover
Cover design for the 2009 remaster
Cover design for the 2009 remaster

Frohes Fest (German for "Merry Celebration" in relation to a Christmas celebration) is the second studio album released by the Neue Deutsche Härte band Unheilig. It was released in 2002 in two versions, a standard one-disc edition and a limited two-disc edition (which includes the Tannenbaum EP as a bonus disc).

The album has several traditional German Christmas songs, including the popular "O Tannenbaum" and "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht".

Track listing[edit]

Frohes Fest[edit]

No. Title English translation Length
1. "Sternzeit (1. Strophe)" "Sidereal Time (1st Verse)" 2:13
2. "Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling" "Ring, Little Bell, Ringalingaling" 4:11
3. "Leise rieselt der Schnee" "The Snow Falls Softly" 5:09
4. "O Tannenbaum" "Oh Christmas Tree" 4:32
5. "Sternzeit (2. Strophe)" "Sidereal Time (2nd Verse)" 1:28
6. "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen" "The Bells Never Sound Sweeter" 5:23
7. "Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht" "As I Watch over My Sheep" 5:56
8. "Vollendung" "Perfection" 3:58
9. "Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann" "Santa Claus Comes Tomorrow" 5:03
10. "Sternzeit (3. Strophe)" "Sidereal Time (3rd Verse)" 1:30
11. "Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen" "Snowflakes, White Skirts" 5:29
12. "Still still still" "Still, Still, Still" 6:36
13. "Ihr Kinderlein kommet" "Oh, Come, Little Children" 6:06
14. "Stille Nacht heilige Nacht" "Silent Night Holy Night" 7:00
15. "Sternzeit (4. Strophe)" "Sidereal Time (4th Verse)" 3:42

Tannenbaum EP[edit]

No. Title English translation Length
1. "O Tannenbaum (Single Edit)" "Oh Christmas Tree (Single Edit)" 3:37
2. "O Tannenbaum (Toxic Radio Edit)" "Oh Christmas Tree (Toxic Radio Edit)" 3:14
3. "Vorweihnachtszeit" "Pre-Christmas Time" 4:09
4. "O Tannenbaum (Der Graf Club Edit)" "Oh Christmas Tree (Der Graf Club Edit)" 6:23
5. "Knecht Ruprecht" "Knecht Ruprecht" 5:15
6. "O Tannenbaum (Toxic Club Remix)" "Oh Christmas Tree (Toxic Club Remix)" 6:02
7. "Weihnachtszeit" "Christmas Time" 2:43