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From Earth to Heaven
First edition cover
Author Isaac Asimov
Country United States
Language English
Series Fantasy & Science Fiction essays
Publisher Doubleday
Publication date
Media type print (Hardback and Paperback)
Pages 208
ISBN 0380421844
Preceded by Of Time and Space and Other Things
Followed by Science, Numbers, and I

From Earth to Heaven is a collection of seventeen scientific essays by Isaac Asimov. It was the fifth of a series of books collecting essays from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It was first published by Doubleday & Company in 1966.


  1. Harmony in Heaven (F&SF, February 1965)
  2. Oh, East is West and West is East— (March 1965)
  3. The Certainty of Uncertainty (April 1965)
  4. To Tell a Chemist (May 1965)
  5. Future? Tense! (June 1965)
  6. Exclamation Point! (July 1965)
  7. Behind the Teacher's Back (August 1965)
  8. Death in the Laboratory (September 1965)
  9. The Land of Mu (October 1965)
  10. Squ-u-u-ush! (November 1965)
  11. Water, Water, Everywhere— (December 1965)
  12. The Proton-Reckoner (January 1966)
  13. Up and Down the Earth (February 1966)
  14. The Rocks of Damocles (March 1966)
  15. The Nobelmen of Science (April 1966)
  16. Time and Tide (May 1966)
  17. The Isles of Earth (June 1966)

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