From Here to Eternity (TV series)

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From Here to Eternity
GenreDramatic series
No. of episodes13
Running timeone-hour
Original releaseMarch 10 –
August 5, 1980

From Here to Eternity is a dramatic television series that aired in 1980. It is a spinoff of the 1979 miniseries of the same title. The series features most of the cast members from the original miniseries, including William Devane and Kim Basinger. Barbara Hershey replaced Natalie Wood for the role of Karen Holmes.


Actor Role
Natalie Wood Karen Holmes
William Devane Master Sgt. Milt Warden
Steve Railsback Pvt. Jefferson “Jeff” Davis Prewitt
Roy Thinnes Maj. Dana Holmes
Kim Basinger Lorene Rogers
Will Sampson Sgt. Cheney
Salome Jens Gert Kipfer
David Spielberg Capt. David Ross
John Crawford Col. Harry Thompson
Joe Pantoliano Pvt.

Angelo Maggio

Rocky Echevarria Pvt. Ignacioi Carmona
Alan Beckwith Corporal Harry
John Calvin Lt. Ken Barrett
Colby Chester Lt. George Bennington
Larry Cook The Holmes’ butler
Richard Erdman Curt Von Nordland
Joan Goodfellow Lt. Rosemary Clark
Joanne Gordon Aimee
Ted Hamaguchi Dr. Miyamoto
Michael Jeter Pvt. Ridgely
Deirdre Lenihan Nurse
Claire Malis Dr. Anne Brewster
Lacey Neuhaus Emily Austin
Wendy Oates Nurse
Priscilla Pointer Mrs. Amelia Austin
Richard Roat Spencer Austin
Dea St. La Mount Della
Janet Wood Rose

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