From Your Grave

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From Your Grave
The Absence - From Your Grave.jpeg
Studio album by The Absence
Released September 6, 2005
Recorded Mana Studios in April 2005
Genre Melodic death metal[1]
Length 42:22
Label Metal Blade
Producer Erik Rutan, The Absence
The Absence chronology
The Absence
(2004)The Absence2004
From Your Grave
Riders of the Plague
(2007)Riders of the Plague2007

From Your Grave is the debut album by American melodic death metal band, The Absence. It was released on September 19, 2005 through Metal Blade Records.


The album was said to contain pristine musicianship between the two lead guitarists[2] and is a notable album in the upcoming genre of melodic death metal. It is also said to have an interesting blend of thrash and death metal.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro" 1:39
2. "A Breath Beneath" 4:40
3. "Necropolis" 4:21
4. "From Your Grave" 4:15
5. "Heaven Ablaze" 4:44
6. "Summoning the Darkness" 5:24
7. "Shattered" 1:12
8. "I, Deceiver" 4:35
9. "My Ruin" 5:17
10. "Seven Demons" 6:10
11. "The Dance" ((Bonus Track)) 4:41
Total length: 42:22


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